Seoul To Squeeze: Randall H. Bodom At Natvia’...

Seoul To Squeeze: Randall H. Bodom At Natvia’s Latte-High Soiree


Hi gang, it’s me again, Randy Bodom, writing to you tonight from somewhere over the big blue Pacific. For the last few years I’ve been pitching in on’s wild and reviled international party coverage, sometimes going off the deep end in the process. So far I’ve taken you on a wild ride to parties in Maastricht, Vienna, and Bogota, and right now I’m en route to Seoul, South Korea, to get down at Natvia’s Sweet Spot Latte-High Reunion gala circuit soiree. The event is sponsored by those bunch of party-down nutburgers at Natvia, alongside Grand Marnier (ooh) and the cruel, heartless taskmasters at

The party is happening sooner than my little fluttering heart can handle, beginning at 8pm on Sunday, November 4th (Korean standard time). It’s got a wild high school theme, and if it turns out anything like the K-Pop DJ sets my friend Kyong spins in Majorca, everyone’s gonna need a new t-shirt by the end of the night. Randy’s been dry for the last few months, but I’m going to need a little coffee in good spirits to get me through this one:

High school was a dark, difficult time for Randy, so I suppose the best way to deal with the demons I harbor is to face them head on. Once upon a time I was a promising student, with an A+ average and a can-do attitude. Then I transferred schools and fell in with the wrong crowd. Soon I was huffing bath salts underneath the bleachers, getting thrown out of study hall, and being reprimanded for my single, dangling earring. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and I fear it may all come rushing back to me in the high school hallways of Natvia’s Latte-High boom-boom room.

Will I survive the re-telling of my high school woes? Will I be driven into a frenzy? Or will I be home just fine by next Tuesday, calmly baking sugar-free Natvia brownies for my sweetheart and enjoying a nice glass of Concord grape juice? I don’t know. I just don’t know. Will it be madness? Or will old Randy be just fine? Any will I be able to turn my party recap in to Sprudge on time? Only time will tell. See you Sunday night in South Korea!



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