Nominations are now open for this year’s class of The Sprudge Twenty, our annual initiative honoring and amplifying extraordinary individuals in the specialty coffee community. Presented in partnership with Pacific Barista Series, the Sprudge Twenty is dedicated to mentors and leaders, game-changers and inspirations, baristas and farmers, traders and teachers, entrepreneurs, and original voices in the field of coffee.

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Nominations are open through February 28th for the Sprudge Twenty class of 2021. This is an open call to our global network of readers and partners: nominate people in your business or community who exemplify excellence, leadership, and the future of coffee. Nominations can be submitted in any language, in the form of an original essay, audio nomination, or video recording, so that there is no barrier to submission—the entire process is open and free, in partnership with Pacific Barista Series.

Nominations are coming in fast from all corners of the world. Submit your nomination today! Nominations close on February 28th. Click here to nominate someone in your community today!

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As part of the program, each class member receives a special in-depth interview feature on Sprudge—here are some excerpts from a few of our favorites, which we recently compiled in a best-of spotlight.

From Jake King: The Sprudge Twenty Interview published May 21st, 2020 nominated by Connan Moody. 

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What is your idea of coffee happiness?

My idea of coffee happiness would have to be a clean and safe space for everyone to share their favorite cup of coffee with their friends.

If you could have any job in the coffee industry, what would it be and why?

I would love to continue growing GYST into a platform that helps growth for coffee professionals across the supply chain.

From Kendra Sledzinski: The Sprudge Twenty Interview published May 26th, 2020 nominated by Kayla Baird

What issue in coffee do you care about most?

Equal access to education, resources, and professional development and opportunities. The industry is incredibly complex with lots of moving parts and many issues more critical than this, but I say it because it’s within my immediate reach. So many coffee professionals start as baristas. I think back to the days when I subscribed to some elitist coffee thought and language, and I cringe when I think of it.

These days, I want to use my experience as a trainer and educator to empower people with the knowledge they can grow with. This means promoting diversity and giving someone who is only working in coffee because it’s the job they have just as much attention as someone who wants it as a career. It also means listening. I stayed interested in coffee early on in my career because I was lucky to have managers and leaders who took me and my curiosity seriously and encouraged me to grow and learn. When I was training baristas, I would tell them that regardless of how long they occupy the role, knowing how to make coffee well is a valuable (and employable) life skill. I had the time of my life as a barista made easier by safe, healthy, and supportive work environments. Because of that, it’s important to me to help others have a positive experience working in coffee, too.

From Felipé Sardi: The Sprudge Twenty Interview published July 7th, 2020 nominated by Clementine Labussiere.

If you could have any job in the coffee industry, what would it be and why?

I would love to continue being a coffee producer. As a producer I am constantly in contact with nature, working with and for it, and enjoying every minute of my day.

Who are your coffee heroes?

Small-scale coffee farmers around the world.

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