Coffee Masters™ NYC 2022 is back! Our 12 contenders are confirmed and you are in for a treat…

This years theme: Waste Not, Want Not

Although the quality was high across the board, the final 12 were ultimately chosen for their creativity, knowledge and swish execution – qualities that will be tested throughout the competition.

Now, let’s meet the contenders…

Abner Roldan-Rivera
Representing: Cafe Comunion
From: Puerto Rico
Instagram: @abnerroldan

Alejandro Griffin-Diaz
Representing: Jacob Alejandro
From: Guatemala
Instagram: @ja.coffeeculture & @baristaonthestreets

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Casey Wilson
Representing: Boxcar Coffee Roasters
From: USA
Instagram: @caseywlsn

Davide Orazi

Representing: WatchHouse
From: Italy/UK
Instragram: @davideoraz

Francesco Luminati Tonelli
Representing: Likuid Element & Carasau Cafe
From: USA
Instagram: @frankie_l_t

Jenna Gotthelf
Representing: Counter Culture Coffee
From: USA
Instagram: @Jennahhhhhhhhh

Josh Trathen
Representing: Independent
From: UK
Instagram: @josh_james_trathen

Kasey Headley

Representing: Voltage Coffee Project
From: USA
Instagram: @birdieandbrew

Meg Skop
Representing: Independent
From: USA
Instagram: @coffeewithmeg_

Mitchell Celicious

Representing: The Coffee Movement
From: USA

Rastislav “Rasty” Kasár
Representing: Four Boroughs
From: Solvakia/UK
Instagram: @kasar_rastislav

Reef Bessette
Representing: The Coffee Movement
From: USA
Instagram: @Reefractometer

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