Fika, the Swedish art of the mid-day coffee break, is seeing somewhat of a surge in global interest. I mean, who isn’t interested in taking an hour for coffee and cardamom buns? No one I care to associate with, that’s who. And now there’s a docu-series about the popular Swedish tradition with Monday’s release of episode one of “Fika: To Have Coffee.”

Created by Zurich University of the Arts Cast/Audiovisual Media student Fabian Schmid, “Fika” is a six-part documentary exploring different aspects of the mid-afternoon coffee break. In the first episode, Schmid talks to various Fikans (my newly coined term for “those who Fika”) about the ritual. Swedes, immigrants, and former barista champions all weigh in on what it means to Fika.

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New episodes come out every Monday on Vimeo and are free to watch. They can be found here. It’ll be a nice way to center your chi for the week ahead after having some fun on the Fikan weekend, making sure your eyebrows are on Fika, or just feeling like Fika’n a leash. Yay Fika puns!

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

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