Our “Musicians In Coffee” feature continues today with Peter Giuliano, industry paragon and pal o’ Sprudge. Sprudge.com got to see some serious Peter G guitar shredding in Nicaragua, during a community BBQ at Finca Esperanza Verde. He’s very busy in the coffee industry (President of the SCAA, Director of Coffee and Co-Owner of Counter Culture), but when he’s not working, chances are you’ll find Peter Giuliano strumming a guitar, banging on an accordion or blowing an Irish tin whistle.

Check out his SoundCloud with several songs he recorded when he challenged himself to “write a song a day for a week”. Here’s one of our favorite cuts:

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Society for the creative anachronism by Geodesic Recordings

We asked Peter G about his musical background:

“I asked my mom – who was a folkie – if I could play the fiddle when I was about 4 and that’s when I started as a musician.  So, I played bluegrass fiddle growing up, until I got fascinated by reggae, ska, and soul music in high school.  Later, I became interested in Mexican music and Irish music, and wound up studying ethnomusicology.  I wound up playing lots of instruments, including guitar, accordion, Hammond organ, mandolin, violin, Irish tin whistle, bass, drums, piano, and a handful of traditional instruments from various places.

I actually got my first coffee job as a complement to my music gig.  I played in lots of bands, including a band that played exclusively Congolese Soukous music and a kind of punk Mariachi band.  Along the way, I started writing songs.  I still write songs all the time – these SoundCloud songs are just ones I do for fun.”

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