Marco Beverage Systems, a leading global provider in beverage solutions, has launched “The SP9 Brew Master Challenge” in Australia.

The contest, aimed at baristas and coffee professionals, will test the competitors’ coffee knowledge and pour-over skills; challenging them to go head-to-head and brew the perfect filter cup on the Marco SP9 Precision Brewer.

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The winner will receive $2,000 AUD & an SP9 Twin valued at over $8000 for their chosen café/roastery, as well as awarded “SP9 Brew Master” title.

sp9 single 2
Marco SP9 Single

This event will take place at the end of November 2022 over one day in Melbourne, and will consist of 2 rounds. Round one will be a head-to-head knock-out whilst round two will see the finalists choosing their coffee, developing the optimal recipe and showcasing their sensory knowledge, brewing, and presentation skills.

The contest will bring together well-known experts and judges in the Australian specialty coffee community to provide a platform for passionate baristas and coffee professionals, showcasing their pour-over skills and developing their skills for future global brewing or barista competitions. Entrants would preferably have experience with the Marco SP9 Brewer (although this isn’t mandatory – quick familiarisation would be conducted as it is so easy to use).

The contest opened at 16.00 ACT on Monday 26th September 2022 and closes at 16.00 ACT on Tuesday 18th October 2022. Entrants must be legally resident in Australia and over 18 before 25th October 2022.

For more information visit the website.

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