A bit of internal housekeeping to let you know about today here at Sprudge Media Network, as we’re very excited to announce a new member of our team: Tatiana Ernst, Sprudge.com’s new staff writer for the Los Angeles area.

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Born and raised in LA, Tatiana Ernst’s reporting specializes on coffee, food, beverages, and the delicious intersection thereof. An avid traveler, Ernst tells us she’s captivated by city life all around the world. When she isn’t trying out new coffee spots, she’s capturing the ever-changing landscape of Los Angeles (and the world) with film photography.

There’s probably no coffee beat in the world more demanding and fast-moving right now than Los Angeles, and so we’re really excited to be growing our regular coverage of LA coffee content on Sprudge. Some of our favorite Tatiana Ernst stories to date include this visit to the quirky & delicious world of Semi-Tropic in Echo Park, a deeply chill hang at Mega Bodega in DTLA, this snapshot of the growing food & coffee scene at Demitasse Hollywood, and a glance over the hill at Coffee Source in Studio City.

Look for much more from Tatiana Ernst (@tatianaernst on Twitter) and #SprudgeLA in the coming weeks and months, and thank you for reading Sprudge Media Network.

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