No More Halo!

Back in October, we reported that BGA member Keith Mrotek was in a motorbike accident. Well, with your support and the help of the BGA community, Keith seems to be recovering just fine!

Keith shared his recovery story with Sprudge, and we’re happy to pass along his good vibes to our readers:

My recovery so far:

3 months in the halo. Came off on Friday.

3-4weeks in a neck brace (supposed to be 24/7)

For these first few days my neck has been quite sore, but I’m working through it.

After three months of deteriorating neck muscles it makes sense that it hurts to hold my head up. After the neck brace I imagine I’ll have some physical therapy. Hopefully lots of massage therapy, and some chiropractics. We’ll see!

What the BGA and namely Ben Helfen did was probably one of the nicest most genuine things anyone/group has ever done for me. I was seriously touched by how Ben helped, and how he made it into something significant to us Baristas and to me as one of them. It really wasn’t until then that I took the accident seriously. Most of that might have been me trying to ignore the harm that it did, or possibly the fact that I was pretty heavily medicated. None the less, I was truly moved.

For those that don’t know, Ben was in contact with me, and my mother within the first two days of my accident. I wasn’t really able to move much, comprehend much or talk on the phone much at that time, but Ben with the approval of my mother set up a fundraiser to help cover my expenses to make things less worrisome in the time off I needed and the up front medical bills. It was truly wonderful, what they did for me.

Keith is currently back tending bar at Dogwood Coffee Company in Minneapolis.