Wouldn’t it be easier for anyone to enjoy delicious coffee if they had a brewer capable of achieving a consistent result, every time? Enter the Steadfast Coffee Brewer, a new coffee brewer optimized for the stability and reproducibility of coffee extraction. The Steadfast recently achieved a successful crowdfunding campaign through Makuake, Japan’s largest crowd-funding service, exceeding the project’s goals by more than 1000%. Now it is coming soon to the United States market—follow our social media accounts for more details.

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The Steadfast Brewer was designed by Hyunjun Kim, a certified coffee fanatic and RF circuit developer at Samsung Electronics. Hyunjun Kim is the co-founder of NOTHIN COFFEE, a specialty coffee company, and has worked with Samsung on cutting-edge industry and electronics for 15 years. Steadfast is the result of his endless curiosity about coffee, experience in the coffee industry, and scientific rationality as an engineer at Samsung. The Steadfast Coffee Brewer is produced in Korea.

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This new brewer combines materials such as stainless steel and real leather, boasting an original design for the ridge, hole size, and bottom shape. This interesting composition and structure uses science to make delicious coffee—all you have to do is put a paper filter into the brewer, add your favorite coffee, and pour hot water.

Temperature and structure are the most important focuses of the Steadfast Coffee Brewer. Baristas are already well aware of the importance of water and slurry temperature during coffee making. This is because temperature affects the stability of coffee extraction. Much experimental data already proves this. However, metal cools down quickly as the temperature rises, and glass or ceramic requires too much energy and time to reach the target temperature due to high specific heat.

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Steadfast is a “pocket” type brewer, as opposed to “flat” or “cone” styles that are popular these days. The pocket type is optimized for stability and reproducibility. It’s very  “ridge” to prevent a bottleneck during the coffee brewing—think of it as a sort of capillarity of nature in reverse, becoming thicker as it moves downward, improving flow rate.

From the very beginning, we have focused on creating a tool that can be used to make coffee again and again and to promote the enjoyment of manual brewing as a tribute to the flavor of excellent coffee. Convenience, durability, and the beauty of the coffee-making process are the focus of our project, and for this reason, we use safe and durable stainless steel (SUS304) and veggie-processed real leather with natural tannins collected from plants. The end result is beautiful, light, safe, and durable.

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A review by In Sung Jung, 2013 Korea Brewers Cup champion and 2013 World Brewers Cup 2nd place finalist.

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