It’s National Doughnut Day, and boy do we Americans love our sugar-coated breakfast pastries. And why shouldn’t we? They’re delicious. Everyone’s favorite part of dinner is dessert, so why not make it into an entire meal and start off your day with it? I mean, if it’s true that you are what you eat, I’d gladly be a doughnut. Rolling down hills would be way more fun. Thanks to my sugary coating, making friends with bees would be much easier. And I could find Aristophanean true love with just about any doughnut hole I come across. It sounds amazing. So in honor of this holy day, I’ve put together of a list of five doughnuts that will change you’re life (or that you’ll wish your life changed into). Let’s get glazed!

“A” Boston Crème Doughnut at Spiller Park


Sometimes there’s nothing better than a classic, and Boston crème doughnuts are just timeless pieces of sugary art. This delectable letter A is for Atlanta, Spiller Park’s home base, and was made by Sublime Doughnuts. But if you’re from Valdez or Vancouver, turn it upside down and this Boston crème doughnut is just as delicious.

This Too Cute Hello Kitty Doughnut With Matching Cappuccino


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I mean, you guys, come on. Just look at this thing! Should you even eat it or just Instagram it a million times? This precious little duo was served at L.A.’s Café Dulce in honor of Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary. Chocolate glazed and sprinkle covered, this pastry’s entire ensemble was pulled together with a dipped cake bow to perfectly match the stenciled latte art in the cappuccino. It’s just too much. I can’t even.

Pineapple Fritter from Morningstar Coffee and Donuts


Fritters are great. They’re doughnuts with a little fruit in them, so you don’t feel as bad about eating so many. They’re basically guilt free! This pineapple jammer from Morningstar is the tip-top. Made with salted lime chili powder – a la Lucas candy – it had the sweet, it had the heat, and then it had more sweet. And then I had more pineapple fritters.

Philz Coffee Doughnut at Pepples


Coffee and doughnuts go together like peas and carrots, so it makes sense that doughnuts should be made with coffee. This dense, cakey wonderpastry is from the Pepples Donut Farm in the San Francisco Ferry Building and is made with coarsely-ground Philz Coffee blended into the generous helping of frosting coating it. A sugar rush and a caffeine jolt working in concert is a maximally productive thing of beauty.

This Wall of Doughnuts


If you’re more of a “gluttony of doughnuts” sort of person, then this doughnut is for you. Because it’s a lot of them, all on a wall. From our party hosted by KitchenAid Craft Brewers/live-taping of the Coffee Sprudgecast in Atlanta during this year’s Expo, this wall o’ doughnuts magically replenished itself like a salamander growing back a delicious, sugary tail. I know, I had like five of them, and each time a newer, better doughnut showed up in its place. What a time to be alive!


If those didn’t whet your appetite for a delicious doughnut, then you’re unhuman or off carbs or something equally tragic. Whatever it is, you’re putting the “ugh” in “doughnut”, which is fine I guess, because it would still be a “donut” without you. But come on, it’s a national holiday. You’ve earned a sweet treat, dontcha think? We think so too. So whether you’re krispin’ your kreme or just straight dunkin’, we here at Sprudge wish you all a sugar-filled National Doughnut Day!

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via Daily Motion

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