Every barista, shop owner, erstwhile coffee dork and industry professional has a wishlist for this holiday season. Next week, on “Cyber Monday”, Espresso Parts will be offering their first-ever free shipping special. Free shipping across the USA for orders over $49. So if you’ve been drooling over a real-deal home espresso machine (say, the La Marzocco GS3 MP), or even just looking to pick up a nice new Escali, next Monday is the time to do it via Espresso Parts.

We’ll also take a moment to clarify the following: E.P. is not only a Sprudge.com sponsor, they were the first Sprudge sponsor. They took a chance more than 2 years ago on a couple of nervous schlubs with a lot of bad puns and a dream, and this stupid website literally would not exist without them (no, really, if someone hadn’t cut us a check early on, we would have killed and devoured each other). When you support Espresso Parts, you support Sprudge. Since you already get your Sprudge for free, why not hook up some free shipping on that Mahlkoenig Guatemala you know you want?