Beer? that stuff can be pretty delicious. Coffee? Well, you already know how we feel about coffee. But when you put the two together you wind up something greater than the whole. Not every coffee beer is great, but dang, when it’s good, it’s really something special.

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Jason Dominy is a long time friend of the site, dating back to his days working as a coffee professional with Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters in Atlanta. Dominy stepped away from coffee employment back in 2013, and these days his day gig is in the content marketing & digital strategy world as part of the team at Salesforce. But over the last few years he’s amassed a serious knowledge on the world of coffee beers, hosting legendary bottle shares from his home in Atlanta, tracking and collecting notable coffee beers from across the USA (look at his epic Untappd account), and even brewing a few fine coffee beers of his own as Brewery Dominy, working with roasters like PT’s Coffee and Counter Culture.

We’re thrilled to have Jason Dominy’s byline on Sprudge as a coffee beer expert, writing about some of his favorite coffee beers from across the land. For this week’s Sprudgecast we sat down with him over a bottle of Green Flash Cosmic Ristretto to talk tasting notes, the pursuit of balance in coffee beers, what it *really* takes to have tried 1,933 (and counting!) unique beers on Untappd, and much more. Perhaps pop a tasty coffee beer from your neck of the woods while you listen along from home. Cheers!

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