Good coffee lovers in Burlington, Vermont rejoice! Now’s your chance to score ten coffee drinks at ten coffee bars for just $12. How? It’s called the Indie Coffee Passport, a pre-paid gift card that doubles as a cafe guide. Adrienne Ng created the concept in Toronto in 2010, and has since expanded to Montreal and Ottawa. The company just dropped the first US version for Burlington, with the help of Vermont native Henri St-Pierre.

While studying in Montreal, Vermont native Henri St-Pierre was inspired by the idea, and wanted to bring the idea stateside.

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“For $12, customers can get a free beverage (cortado, latte, pour over, etc) at all ten participating coffee shops,” St-Pierre explains. “It’s a great way to promote independent coffee culture.”

The Vermont passport includes cafes like Cursive Coffee (we featured their summer build-out in June) and Maglianero, serving Counter Culture Coffee. Here’s a complete list of the participating cafes:

The Indie Coffee Passports are available online and at participating locations. Want to start an Indie Coffee Passport in your city? ICP wants to hear from you.

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