To celebrate International Coffee Day (our favorite holiday, and one lucky attendee’s birthday!!) Unity Sourcing & Roasting collaborated with different coffee-related brands to host a fun virtual event for those who were looking for a way to celebrate with the coffee community around the globe.

The brew party took place over Zoom on Friday, October 1st, 2021 from 11am-12pm PST. 🌈☕️✨ This was a celebration of the coffee community, bringing together consumers, baristas, roasters, and coffee accessory partners.

In addition to Unity Sourcing & Roasting, other companies that participated included Acaia, Baratza, Urnex, AeroPress, NutriWing, Swoon, and Educated Chola. These brands were a collection of some things you need to brew a delicious cup of coffee; a scale for weighing beans, grinders to freshly grind at home, grinder cleaners, devices to brew coffee, vegan snacks, sweeteners with zero sugar, and mugs to enjoy your coffee in while supporting mental health. Educated Chola LLC is run by the amazing Rosa, who is working to normalize talking about and embracing mental health for the Latino/a community, and for all.

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Prior to the event, guests RSVPed on a Google Form found on social media, from which they were then mailed Unity Steeped single-serve compostable coffee samples and plantable seed paper coasters to use during the brew party. 💌 ☕️

The event started out with two different roll-call raffles for an Acaia Pearl S Scale and a limited edition colored Baratza Virtuoso+ coffee grinder. For these giveaways, Unity and Baratza called out handles of Instagram accounts who commented on the two different social posts prior to the event, and the first two people to claim the handle and to say “here!” won the prizes. This brought out a lot of excitement from the eager attendees who all shouted out that they wanted to win, as seen in the YouTube recording here:

The next activity was a coffee brew-along, which is the hottest take on a sing-along. Attendees brewed their coffees together while discussing their different brew methods, recipes, techniques and tasting notes and smells of their individual coffees. Even though attendees were not necessarily able to physically meet up in person due to the pandemic, it was nice to have an environment where they could still share a cup of coffee together.

To add some positivity and uplift the coffee-loving group even more, there was a community chat where the event moderator, Meagan from Unity, asked the attendees a series of questions such as what has recently excited them and spark joy in their lives, to which some attendees talked about recent coffee events they have competed and placed in. Another fun question that was asked was probing for something that made attendees Swoon recently, and the first attendee who answered this question won a free bottle of Swoon simple syrup! Surprise and delight giveaways are perhaps even more fun than ones people are trying to win, because there is less disappointment and they provide an unexpected excitement and smile on their face.

Next up, attendees got to play coffee trivia! With 26 total prizes available, many attendees are being mailed new coffee-related items for their coffee carts. The trivia questions ranged from holidays (What are the 2 holidays that fall on September 29th & October 1st?) to equipment (Baratza manufactures grinders with two different shaped burrs, what are they?) to origin (What are 5 coffee producing countries?) to trick questions (What is the difference between espresso beans and coffee beans?).

If you did not get a chance to attend the event but still want to try some coffee and receive an invitation to future brew parties, sign up for a Unity coffee subscription with the code “SPRUDGE” and you’ll also receive a FREE extra 12oz retail bag with your first shipment! 💕 Subscriptions always include free shipping, fun surprises, and automatically applied discounts. 🥳 Valid through 10/31/21.

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