It’s true, and you’re invited to party down with us—in podcast form.

This week’s very special episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast comes as we celebrate our 5000th published feature on Sprudge! It only took us 7 years—we’ll get to 10k much quicker, we promise. Our v special 5000th feature ran a little earlier this week, but you’ll just have to listen to this week’s episode of the cast to discover which one.

Elsewhere on the show we take a call from one of our fabulous listeners, sit down with Andy Reiland of Cafe Imports to talk about branding and the launch of La Bodega by Cafe Imports, and look forward to some upcoming super scary Halloween fiction. We’re even brewing up some tasty coffee live in-studio, featuring Dogwood Coffee‘s delightful Prince-inspired Fall 4 U autumn blend, which we brewed using the Todd Goldsworthy method from this year’s World Brewers Cup.

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