Isaiah Sheese, Anodyne Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee, WI (NC) @anodynecoffee

12:14 “this coffee reminds me very much of the bourbon experience -” – a bartender-esque routine from isaiah

12:15 isaiah sig drink marinated in a “virgin” charred oak barrel, which yes, looks like it should be worn by a st. bernard

12:20 tangelo acidity, balanced, dry cherry taste, nuttiness, chocolate – isaiah on his espresso from @anodynecoffee and @topecacoffee

Robbie Britt, Espresso Parts, Morley, MO (SC) @dynamitecoffee, @espressoparts_

12:28 dynamitecoffee is mr. britt’s cart in Morley, Missouri – they serve coffee from @handsomeroaster

12:30 mr. britt hands the judges menu cards, delineates service into “courses” – fine dining influenced routine

12:32 robbie is so patient on stage with the judges -some routines have an x factor sense of pace and ease, and this is one

Courtney Marie Vaquera, MadCap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI (NC) @madcapcoffee

12:47 courtney marie competes using @madcapcoffee‘s colombia san sebastian – learn more and order some for home here:

12:49 Courtney’s sig drink – fig reduction, raw sugar – ginger infused whipping cream, glass rimmed with grapefruit, espresso

12:52 plum sweetness, bittersweet cacao, grapefruit, big and juicy – courtney on her colombia san sebastian espresso

William Pelton, Avoca Coffee, Ft. Worth, TX (SC) @avocacoffee

1:07 william pelton of @avocacoffee in ft. worth – one of 3 avoca competitors this weekend, who drove 1000 miles to be at #bcrbc

1:19 unable to serve his signature drink due to lost cups and burnt apple juice, mr. pelton calls time early

Andy Atkinson, Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago (NC) @boomerBPA, @intelligentsia

1:26 the focus of mr. atkinson’s routine is serving temperature – he opens by serving judges room temperature brewed coffee

1:34 mr. atkinson competes using @intellisourcing ethiopia koma – learn more here:

1:36 lavender, orange zest, cocoa, clove – a warm infusion AND cold infusion – two distinct sig drinks, one hot, one cold

Matthew Craddock, Topeca Coffee, Tulsa, OK (SC) @topecacoffee

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


1:42 mr. craddock is one of several competitors using or representing tulsa’s topeca coffee

1:48 there’s a very private kind of thing happening between matthew and the judges – it’s hard to get a bead on it from the audience

Sara Poer, Greyhouse Coffee, West Lafayette, IN (NC) @greyhousecoffee

2:06 ms. poer competes using La Armonia Hermosa Guatemala Antigua, roasted by Deeper Roots in Cincinnati

2:12 so, this is from a deep place of personal bias, but sara poer of @greyhousecoffee = best music of #bcrbc – fleetwood mac, paul simon, et al

Jonathan Miller, Kaldi’s Coffee, St. Louis, MO (SC) @kaldiscoffee

2:18 mr. miller is one of several kaldi’s competitors this weekend, a company with proud competition history

Steve Wiltjer, Ninth Bridge Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI (NC) @ninthbridge

2:44 mr. wiltjer intentionally does not tell the judges what coffee he’s using – “i want you to experience it for what it is”

2:53 mr. wiltjer is using the los naranjos roasted by @populacecoffee, a michigan microroaster

Nathan Mikkelson, Zingerman’s Coffee, Ann Arbor, MI (NC) @zingermancoffee

2:58 we keep flowing – here we have Nathan Mikkelson of @zingermancoffee in ann arbor – he’s serving a washed indian coffee

3:00 this is the 1st indian coffee in this year’s regional barista cycle – learn more on @zingermancoffee‘s site: #bcrbc

Charlie Habegger, Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago (NC) @brainofcharlie, @intelligentsia

3:19 “so, i drink a lot of tea…” we’ve seen bartending, fine dining, barista norms, and now a tea-influenced service at #bcrbc

3:25 you gotta see this to believe it – sig drink requires a deft transfer from tall cup to shallow bowl, a la tea service

3:27 traps aroma a tall cup, then transfer to the bowl – “pull until you feel a release” – then smell the trapped aroma

3:34 serves his espresso in the same tea set as his sig drink – sacrifices 4 points in favor of innovation. wow

Michael Garbe, Topeca Coffee, Tulsa, OK (SC) @topecacoffee

3:47 “i apologize to the dish runners for having to take so much stuff for my signature drink…” – michael garbe

3:51 michael garbe’s espresso includes HG Nat from Ayutepeque, SHG Nat from El Manzano and AAA SHG Washed Manzano – El sal

Ryan Knapp, MadCap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI (NC) @knappMADcap, @madcapcoffee

3:59 mr. knapp competes using @madcapcoffee‘s el salvador elefante, incredibly fresh – “just one month off the patio”

4:04 ice cubes infused with tangerine oil…then an inverted aeropress mishap…so he pulls shots for the sig drink instead

4:05 if you are playing along at home that is SERIOUS recovery from mr. knapp – changes sig drink brew method mid-flight

4:08 ryan performs with such soft hands – his routines have precise economy of movement…almost gentle. in control.

Christina Furr, Avoca Coffee / Cup Of Texas, Fort Worth, TX (SC) @avocacoffee, Cup of Texas

4:27 mole cortado!

Sam Brown, Alterra Coffee, Milwaukee, WI (NC) @alterracoffee

4:35 sharp dressed sam!

4:56 sam brown competes using @alterracoffee‘s guatemala hunapu

4:57 he asks the judges to sip his sig drink with a red vine!

Jacque DesMarais, Kaldi’s Coffee, St. Louis, MO (SC) @jacquedesmarais, @kaldis_coffee

5:00 @jacquedesmarais competes using @kaldis_coffee brazil sertaozinho from sul de minas

5:03 soft-spoken, polite, knowledgable – a pure barista routine, influenced by years on bar

5:05 sig drink = aromatics: sprays a honey and caramel aroma in one glass, raspberry and tart cherry in a second glass #bcrbc

5:11 walks the judges through – sip the espresso, hold it in your mouth, then inhale the aromatics and note the changes


Teresa Pilarz, Espresso Elevado, Plymouth, MI (NC) @EspressoElevado

5:29 lavender vanilla bean micro-cappuccino from teresa of @espressoelevado – after a day of uber-complex drinks, that sounds awesome…#bcrbc

5:32 teresa pilarz’ sig drink was a seasonal special at her cafe @espressoelevado – she showed the judges the simplicity of simple syrup #bcrbc

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