This weekend’s competition coverage is made possible by Alterra, Counter Culture Coffee, and Intelligentsia Coffee.

Allie VanHyfte, Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co., West Lafayette, IN (NC) @greyhousecoffee

12:15 allie vanhyfte competes using La Armonia Hermosa guatemala antigua, roasted by cincinnati’s deeper roots

12:21 allie’s sig drink: “the undertow” – layered drink with blackberry / pumpkin puree, cold cream, and espresso

12:24 first competitor of the day allie vanhyfte of @greyhousecoffee calls time at 14:59 – great start to day one of the #bcrbc


Dayna James, Avoca Coffee, Fort Worth, TX (SC) @avocacoffee

12:28 dayna is a first time competitor, and this is her first trip to chicago – she competes with a peruvian – kenyan blend @avocacoffee

12:37 ms. james from @avocacoffee has traveled around 1000 miles to be here in chicago today. ft. worth 2 chicago = a long drive.

12:40 “there’s actual molasses from the peruvian, actual rose flavor from the kenyan ”

12:41 new zealand honey, hot water, maduro cigar, espresso – whisked together – “then a hint of rosewater”- dayna’s sig drink

Blair Bachman, Victory 44, MPLS (NC) @Victory_44

12:51 the menu for mr. bachman’s restaurant (@Victory_44) in MPLS looks really, really good – #porkcheeks #burger

12:55 mr. bachman competes using @cafeimports colombia los naranjos – served as espresso with a little house made candied lemon peel

12:57 always love fine dining (or fine casual dining, or whatever) influenced routines like this one from blair bachman and @Victory_44

Zaida Dedolph, Frank, Austin (SC) @hotdogscoldbeer

1:03 zaida competes using @handsomeroaster‘s rwanda abakundakawa – learn more here & buy some, maybe, sure why not –

Shannon Steele, Passion House Coffee, Chicago (NC) @steeleknuckles, @phcoffeeroaster

1:28 “my nickname is knuckles, but don’t be scared” – up now is Shannon Steele (NC) of Passion House Coffee

1:31 learn more about @steeleknuckles and her shop, passion house coffee, over at their website –

1:31 “orange zest that floats above a river of dark chocolate, caramel, and a light mint finish” – @steeleknuckles on her espresso

1:38 sig drink – honey, coriander, vanilla, sparkling water – “clarity” – peanuts simmered in coconut milk, chocolate

1:40 her sig is called the “lucid / lurid” – up there with @sexyfoam‘s “smooth criminal” for sig drink name of the year

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Chris Glasow, Zingerman’s Coffee Co., Ann Arbor (NC) @zingermancoffee

1:47 up now is Chris Glasow of Zingerman’s Coffee Co., Ann Arbor (NC) @zingermancoffee – competing with rwanda gatare bourbon

1:51 uhm free jazz “life on mars” anyone?

Alex Johnson, Quixotic Coffee, St. Paul, MN (NC) @behindthebrew, @quixotic_coffee

2:05 omg her tamp is bedazzled. @behindthebrew that’s amazing

2:09 @behindthebrew competes using @cafeimports fazenda recreio brazil microlot – bourbon, yellow icatu – roast by @moonshinecoffee

2:15 raspberry juice, then half shot espresso, then marscapone cheese w/ with lavender, finish espresso, gelled lemon juice

2:18 @behindthebrew has her sig drinks down at 14, calls time at 14:35 – one of the best routines so far for sure at #bcrbc

Stacey Wieck, MadCap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI (NC) @staceylynn1221, @madcapcoffee

2:28 “take your spoon, give it three quick stirs, then set it back down – enjoy this beverage in three sips”

2:33 working through siphon sig drink while making cappuccinos – adds blackberry sugar, draws down the flame

2:35 @staceylynn1221 shouts out chicago’s famous bar, the aviary (@aviarycocktails), as inspiration for her siphon sig drink

2:38 sig drink down 14:15, instructs the judges, says thank you, calls time at 15:04 – all smiles and poise

Josh Wismans, Alterra Coffee, Milwaukee (NC) @joshwismans, @alterracoffee

2:45 very confidant performance from mr. wismans, pride of milwaukie

2:49 actually, it’s pronounced “mill-e-wah-que” which is Algonquin for “the good land.”

Caitlin Corcoran, Parisi Brothers, Kansas City, MO (SC) @caitcork, @parisicoffee

3:03 her espresso is a guatemalan washed typica – “green apple notes, the mallic acidity i LOVE in coffee”

3:05 bitter course is espresso – walnut, cocoa, a pop of green apple acidity – next up are the capps

3:07 sweet course – capps taste “like a warm walnut brownie – a creamy, velvety cappuccino” – mmm walnut brownie

3:13 sig drink – apples macerated in a sterilized mason jar 5 days, then pureed, strained, w/ honey crisp apple vinegar

Joshua Longsdorf, Anthology Coffee, Detroit (NC) @joshualongsdorf, @anthologycoffee

3:20 it’s nice of @joshualongsdorf and @anthologycoffee to keep their twitter handles simple.

3:27 mr. longsdorf competes for @anthologycoffee – a microroaster in detroit. learn more here:

3:37 @joshualongsdorf a great ambassador for @anthologycoffee and coffee in detroit

Lorenzo Perkins, Cuvee Coffee Roasters, Austin (SC) @lorenzoperkins, @cuveecoffee

3:40 “espresso is really fascinating. i find it amazing that such a small beverage is capable of being so many things…”

3:41 “espresso is espresso. it must be viewed as a whole substance if it is to be understood at all…so let’s begin.”

3:44 espresso is natural, pulped natural, and washed – he’s building 3 unique sig drinks for each -srlsy y’all @lorenzoperkins is serious

3:46 espresso is an emulsion. espresso is a compound. espresso is a suspension. @lorenzoperkins routine doesn’t compress well in 2 140 words

Talya Strader, Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago (NC) @talyastrader, @intelligentsia

4:02 “dark fruit notes are my heart when it comes to coffee. it’s what i truly love.”

4:12 ms. strader’s sig drink takes fig, apple, marscapone, ethiopian espresso, swagger.

4:17 polished and professional 15 minutes from @talyastrader, manager of @intellibroadway – effortless and composed, a pleasure to watch

Matthew Scott, Lemonjello’s Coffee, Holland, MI (NC) @lemonjello

4:29 earn more about matthew scott’s shop here: – hawthorne heights are playing there april 6th.

4:33 matthew scott competes using @equalexchange‘s tupac amaru peruvian coffee – “picture me brewin’…”

Anya Pomykala, Zingerman’s Coffee, Ann Arbor (NC) @zingermancoffee

4:44 anya is the retail manager of zingerman’s coffee in ann arbor – 8-9 different methods on bar each day!

4:48 we are shaving cheese here, people

Nora Brady, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co., St. Louis, MO SC @kaldis_coffee

4:59 learn more about @kaldis_coffee here:

5:15 solid routine to close out the day from nora brady of @kaldis_coffee in st. louis – another high quality first time competitor at #bcrbc


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