When coffee roasters start a wholesale program, it’s common to send samples of coffee to cafes. Supersonic’s approach is decidedly different–rather than shipping samples of coffee? They’re shipping iPads.

Early reports have cycled through our tips box that the Bay Area’s newest coffee roaster Supersonic is sending Apple tablets to potential wholesale clients. We can now confirm that twelve cafes in North America have received the devices.


The iPads shipped decorated in the company’s branding and include a promotional video, which Sprudge has gained access to from an anonymous source. For sake of anonymity, we have redacted mention of our source’s cafe branding in the audio and video:

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“Come with us,” the narrator beckons. The iPads and accompanied materials are apart of a two-month pilot project.

Potential clients are dubbed “Pioneers”. Supersonic states that the project is designed “to get feedback from a intimate group of partners before we open our doors to a wider audience and fine tune our processes and product.”


In a press release sent to Sprudge, the company explains:

The Pioneer kits were shipped in green anodized aluminum boxes that were customized for each shop. After unlatching and lifting the lid, the recipient is greeted with a laser engraved iPad mini, that when activated, guides the user through custom wallpapers to launch a welcome video. Each video was modified to invite all 12 of the Pioneers into the program personally.

Along with the iPads, the kits includes four laser-engraved keychains, with instructions (“directives”) for the clients to keep one keychain and give the others to enthusiastic cafe customers (Supersonic calls these customers “Co-Pilots”).

Supersonic explains: “For the two month duration of the Pioneer Program, the Co-pilots will also receive several shipments directly from Supersonic with limited edition gear and samples of coffee for them to brew at home.”


Out of the twelve cafes targeted, nine have accepted Supersonic’s invitation:

Barista Parlor – Nashville, Tennessee
Búðin – Brooklyn, New York
Copa Vida – Pasadena, California
Houndstooth – Austin, Texas
Milstead & Co. – Seattle, Washington
Modern Coffee – Oakland, California
Old Town Coffee – Lander, Wyoming
Revolver – Vancouver, British Columbia
Volta Coffee – Gainesville, Florida

With nine out of the twelve cafes signed on, the ambitious new program seems to be working. The question on our lips is–who gets to take home the iPad?

Photos provided by Supersonic.

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