Some striking images out of Atlanta, where Batdorf & Bronson have opened their newest Dancing Goats espresso bar. We’re following up from last June, when we first mentioned Batdorf & Bronson Atlanta’s role in the exciting new Ponce City Market project, the restoration of a 2 million square foot, 14 story building originally built in 1926 in the heart of Atlanta.

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Brought to the world by the same people behind New York City’s Chelsea Market, the PCM project is a massive undertaking, one that won’t be completed until 2014. But the people building the damn thing need coffee, as do the folks securing tenants and hosting meetings in the PCM marketing center, and so Batdorf are actually the first tenants to open up their doors for the project, building out an 1000 foot cafe space in a former automobile service center next to the main building itself.

We dig that big public porch, y’all. Space looks stunning.

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