Barista Nation, a globe-traveling specialty coffee event series now in its fifth year, is throwing a huge event in New Orleans this coming Thursday, June1 14th. For folks unfamiliar with our past coverage, BN events a hybrid of skill-building workshops and seminars that brings together some of the best and brightest in coffee (and architecture, cocktails, and beyond). Barista Nation New Orleans will also hold a Cold Brew Challenge competition.

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Speakers include Marty Roe (Workshop Coffee, Kansas City), Bob Arceneaux (Orleans Coffee, New Orleans), Lorenzo Perkins (Fleet Coffee, Austin), Sarah Allen (Barista Magazine, Portland), and Sprudge co-founder Zachary Carlsen. Carlsen will lead a panel that includes Chef Kristen Essig (Coquette), historian Elizabeth Pearce, and the incredible drummer Jermal Watson (Watson’s Theory). Check out Watson perform below:

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More info via Barista Nation:

Barista Nation New Orleans is the latest in a series of Barista Nation events, currently in its 5th year of production. Barista Nation is a hybrid seminar and skill building coffee event, highlighting current topics lead by thought leading speakers as well as hands on experience with the Stella Di Caffe from UNIC Espresso Machines.

Barista Nation New Orleans promises to ignite attendees’ awareness of New Orleans as a unique gem of hospitality and culture, and delve into what makes this traditional coffee hub such a special place. The Southeast United States is experiencing tremendous growth and is now home to some of the most boundary pushing companies in the coffee industry.

It is for this reason, we have picked the vibrant and very special city of New Orleans for our next Barista Nation city, to draw upon the Southeast region’s lasting and emerging coffee culture.

The day will start with batch brewed, slow brewed, cold brewed, and espresso coffees in Stella Di Caffe Pop-up cafe with local pastries. Throughout the day, come and experience a rotation of coffee selections from local and top national roasters.
The main stage will feature top speakers and panelists, including this year’s United States Barista Champion, Lem Butler, encouraging small group discussions, and question and answer sessions.

Lunch and Dinner will also be provided along with evening entertainment, with many surprises to be announced!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an entire day of coffee discovery in New Orleans can be yours for $40. Register now! Registration is only $20 if you sign-up for the Cold Brew Challenge! Do it now!

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