The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has proven to be the most contagious to date, with new case counts in America breaking the one-million-mark last week and continuing to average around 700,000 per day, both records by a wide margin. And while has thus far been shown to be less lethal than previous variants, its quick spread and high case count has ultimately led to the same result: thousands are dying each day.

This has led many businesses, cafes included, to look out for the health and safety of their workers and close temporarily. But closures mean few/no hours, which means no income for the cafe or its staff. To help, Go Fund Bean is collecting a list of virtual tip jars for cafes in America that folks can donate to and help their favorite coffee bars get through tough times.

Now known more for their work connecting coffee professionals via mentorship programs and providing need-based grants, Go Fund Bean began its existing in the throes of the first wave of the pandemic, March 2020, compiling an ever-growing list of virtual tip jars for the hundreds of cafes nationwide experiencing temporary closures. And now, almost two years later, with a global pandemic that has no end in sight, they are back at it.


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In a recent Instagram post, Go Fund Bean has put the call-out for all temporarily closed cafes due to COVID that have created virtual tip jars to help pay their staff. Like they did in March of 2020, Go Fund Bean will use their platform on Instagram to help signal boost the tip jars to reach more would-be donors.

All cafes need to do in order to have their virtual tip jar broadcast by Go Fund Bean is fill out the application linked in their Instagram bio. For more information, visit Go Fund Beanโ€™s official website or Instagram.

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