USBC 2012 was full of highs, heartbreaks, and heated competition, but throughout the weekend we felt bittersweet: This was Sprudgie Award-winner Marcus Boni’s final USBC as SCAA Director of Community Development.

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Our beloved Marcus will be leaving the SCAA in May to work for Kaldi’s Coffee in St. Louis, as their Director of Coffee Strategy. As the weekend neared its close, and our tears started welling up, we put together a little tribute video to Marcus that was screened just before the USBC and Brewers Cup champions were announced. The video followed a teary champagne toast.

Marcus, you will be missed. The clarity of your vision and the depth of your hustle is an inspiration, but moreover, you are a sweet, kind, hilarious human being, and spending time with you at these events over the past few years is something we’re grateful for. We can’t wait to see what comes next for you at Kaldi’s. Thank you a thousand times over for your hard work and dedication to specialty coffee, and for facilitating the expression of that culture at the competition level. Thank you.

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