A champagne sabre, a coffee siphon, and a winning smile? At the 2015 World Coffee In Goods Spirits Championship, Eduardo Affonso Scorsin of Lucca Cafés Especiais in Brazil checked off all the boxes.  Scorsin scored a fourth place win with the flick of his sword and a flash of a smile.

Not to mention some ace coffee mixed with some fine booze. For his presentation, Scorsin whipped up a cocktail named the “Yasmim”, combining the flavors of espresso, Grand Marnier, sparkling Moscato, and a splash of homemade coffee and jasmine bitters. The Yasmim, a cocktail for every hour.


Here’s how to make this at home!

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The Gear
A saber
Cocktail shaker
Champagne flutes

The Goods
30ml Espresso
15ml Grand Marnier
3 drops of bitters
Spumante ASTI

The Ice: Cubed

Take the espresso, Grand Marnier, bitters, and ice and shake it in a cocktail shaker. Pour the chilled ingredients into two finely dressed champagne flutes. Take a chilled bottle of Spumante ASTI, saber, and then pour atop the shaken components. Serve!



Watch Eduardo Scorsin’s whole performance below:

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Zachary Carlsen is an editor and co-founder at Sprudge. 


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