Aeropress Champion Marie Hagemeister’s Winning Bre...

Aeropress Champion Marie Hagemeister’s Winning Brew Method

Marie Hagemeister won this year’s World Aeropress Championship in London on June 25th, and since that day there’s been just one question on the minds of her fans and well-wishers: “tell us how you did it, Marie!”

the smile of a champion

Marie was sweet and gracious enough to sit down with Sprudge and offer us a bit of step-by-step insight as to how her Aerobie aerobics conquered the competition. Though it’s doubtful you’ll ever be quite as lovely as Marie, by folowing these 7 simple steps you can someday maybe, just maybe, hope to hold the coveted Bronze Piston yourself.

1. Boil the water (so it is 80 degrees when you pour it over the coffee)
2. Grind the coffee, slightly finer than filter grind (20 grams)
3. Aeropress upside down and soak the filter paper with hot water
4. Put in the coffee and pour the 80 degrees water over it, almost to the top.
5. Stir for 10-12 seconds
6. Heat the cup, and then slowly push the coffee in the cup – stop before you hear the air.
7. Serve

*ed. note – 80C = 176F

Read about Marie’s glorious victory on Sprudge and check out photos from the event at the World Aeropress Championship’s website.

(Photo with gracious courtesy and inspiring wondrous awe from Liz Clayton)



  1. Anonymous

    7 February

    Sad to see that Marie hasn’t responded to the subsequent queries, all of which raise valid and interesting points. I expect she’s just too busy now.

  2. Beavis Christ

    12 April

    To clarify the method:

    Step 1.) Warm the Aeropress by POURING the 200ml of hot water into it (about 190F works for my “countdown”).

  3. Beavis Christ

    12 April

    I think the amount of water is 200gm. I use her method but in greater detail:

    1.) Warm the inverted Aeropress with the hot water.
    2.) Place a digital thermometer in the press and watch the temperature drop as I…
    3.) Start to hand grind the whole coffee beans, timing it so that when I finish grinding, the temperature will be around 180 F.
    4.) Transfer the hot water from the Aeropress into a Bodum double-walled glass cup. This does three things a.) warms the cup b.) brings the temperature closer to 176 F c.) frees space in the press for the ground beans
    5.) Pour the ground beans into the press. Pour the hot water from the cup into the press.
    6.) Stir for about 10 sec. (Water should be about 80C now).
    7.) WHILE INVERTED. Press the “crema” up until it soaks a bit into the paper filter. You will likely see some bubbles.
    8.) Tricky part here: Carefully invert your cup, place it over the inverted press and maintain a little pressure on the plunger as you…
    9.) AS A SINGLE UNIT, flip the cup and press over — and PRESS AWAY (stop before hearing air)!

    The idea of maintaining pressure, and soaking the crema into the filter, is to push as much crema through the filter as possible. It brings a great caramel taste to the coffee drink.

    * At some convenient moment, soak the paper filter in hot water.

  4. Congrats, interesting about the temperature, normally use about 90 odd degrees. Also have tried the espresso grind, so the filter+ or I would assume mocha will make an interesting change.

  5. sprudge

    4 July

    We’ve contacted Marie and are awaiting a response. We’ll find out soon!

  6. l3gi0n

    3 July

    @Alan Adler I don’t know if we’ll hear anything back but from the comments on numerous recipes and trials that have been done, stopping before the hiss and slow plunging are done in attempt to minimize over-extracting any fines present in the grounds.

    P.S. Thanks for making a neat and accessible solution to consistent and flexible coffee making =)

  7. l3gi0n

    3 July

    Hmm to add to that, any idea of how long it is between stopping the stir and pressing it out? Steps only indicate to warm cups during this time.

  8. Alan Adler

    3 July

    Congratulations Marie.

    I’m pleased to see that 80C was a winner for you. It always won in our blind tasting experiments.

    Did you add any water after pressing?
    How much beverage did you produce?
    Why did you stop before you hear the air?
    Best regards,
    Alan (AeroPress inventor)

  9. l3gi0n

    3 July

    Any idea what volume of water or how deep the plunger is in the AP for this? (previous descriptions will say something like 1 cm in?)

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