How does one indoctrinate a child—like, say an eight month-old that refuses to nap and let me write this article–into the cult of coffee before they are able to drink caffeine? And how does an adult chill out with a glass of wine after a busy bar shift and just shut their brain off for a bit? In 2017, the answer to both is one in the same: a coloring book. Now on Kickstarter, The Craft Coffee Coloring Book is the perfect way to bliss out with a few crayons and colorable pictures of some of your favorite coffee gear.

Created by Sacramento, California-based artist and designer Ryan Morris, The Craft Coffee Coloring Book is hand illustrated and “takes you along for the international journey of your morning cup,” all in beautiful Technicolor (Technicolor provided by user). Starting at origin, the coloring book features illustrations of coffee plants, harvesting, processing, etc., with descriptions for each image written by Morris.

It then follows the coffee’s seed-to-cup journey to the roaster—with a depiction of a Probat—and then to the cafe, where a Slayer and a Mahlkönig EK43 are waiting to receive their color pops. There’s probably a barista or two in there as well.

A copy of The Craft Coffee Coloring Book can be ordered through backing the Kickstarter to the tune of $18 or two for $24. Assuming it reaches its funding goal, of course. At the time of writing this–with 21 days remaining–the Kickstarter needs just a hair under $3,000 of its $3,000 goal, so there’s still work to be done before it sees the light of day.

For more information on The Craft Coffee Coloring Book, visit their Kickstarter page. I really need this, y’all. This goober won’t go to sleep and there’s coffee news that needs publishing.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*all images via The Craft Coffee Coloring Book