Each year, Sweet Maria’s puts out a handsome wall calendar. After a two-year hiatus, Sweet Maria’s have announced the return of their popular Dogs Of Coffee Calendar, just in time for your last-minute holiday gifting. The calendar features twelve dogs that Sweet Maria’s founder and green buyer Thompson Owens photographed on coffee farms.

The calendars sell for six dollars and Sweet Maria’s donates all proceeds to charity.

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From their website:

It’s been a few years since our last Dogs of Coffee Calendar so we are excited to offer one for 2014. It’s filled with excellent photos of canines from Tom’s travels to coffee origins. Keep in mind, this isn’t the standard cute and fuzzy dog calendar. Don’t expect groomed show dogs or fluffy pups with sweaters and bows.

The Dogs of Coffee calendar has 12 months (January through December) and has our usual odd and sarcastic holidays like “Flat Coffee Friday”, “Fair-Enough Trade Day” and “Coffee-Toothpaste Pairings”. Some are inside jokes and jabs at our own specialty coffee industry.

Proceeds go to support two of our favorite charities, Ground for Health and Doctors without Borders.


The 2014 Dogs In Coffee Calendar is available now.

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