Last week we published a list of sixteen terrific Instagram accounts from talented latte artists from around the world. In the feature, we asked our readers to add their favorite accounts we left out in the comments and wow, y’all had a lot of feels on the subject. There are so many incredible latte artists out there!

Here are 18 more latte artists you need to follow right now, according to the community.

1. Sebastian Ioan Farcas @sebastian_ioan_farcas

2. Dritan Alsela @barista_dritan_alsela

3. Steve Lim @figtreecoffee

4. Cabell Tice @cabellcoffee

5. Noah Lautman @freepourart

6. Asaf Rauch @coffeestation_latteart

7. Andreas Nielsen @andreasedlef

8. Mao Kawamura @roomcafeespresso

9. @sukanmanee

10. Steve Cuevas @dreadfullvegan

11. Lindsay @lindsaytron9000

12. Schroeder Hsieh @schroeder_hsieh

13. Ryan Soeder @ryansoeder

14. Timothy Sweet @timothysweetbarista

15. Esther Maasdam @esthermaasdam_latteart

16. Cortney Kern @BaristaManiac

17. Takehiro Okudaira @caferista

18. Junichi Yamaguchi @junichi_yamaguchi

Did we do it? Did we include all of the best baristas/artists who devote their Instagram feeds to latte art? No? We left someone out? Sound off in the comments below! [Editor’s note: @brucely doesn’t seem to be a real Instagram account. What’s the deal with that?]