HunkShot™: WBC 2010

The WBC 2010 is a place of wonder, filled with the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the clang and din of so many Mazzers, Marzocos, and Marco’s; it’s a non-stop showroom of shots, slurps, and single origin sensations. It is also, undeniably, a place to see and be seen by caps lock HUNKS. From exotic new flavors to industry standards, here’s a batch of beefcakes who know how to grind it, dose it, tamp it, and work it.

Latourell du Jour

Penix Rising

Icelandic Fantasy

Hunksteak Wit Frites

Release The Greece

Barber? I Hardly Knew Her!

WBC Certified Hunk

There's Nothing Sexier Than Victory

Dear Hunks,

Thanks for the memories Hafsteinn Himinljómi Sverrisson, David Latourell, Sam Penix, Stefanos Domatiotis, Bert Van Wassenhove, Jordan Barber, Stephen Morrisey and Doug Zell.

Sprudge Team

P.S. Whose Bjorn Borg’s got mixed in with my overnight bag? Write

  1. Sprudge Editors

    4 July

    We were completely flooded with hunks at this year’s WBC. Looking forward to next year, where we’ll have vigilant Hunk Watch volunteers working the floor.

  2. annenyc

    30 June

    but there were so many more you said!

  3. cg

    30 June

    I’m in coffee hunk heaven!

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