Tonx For Nothing: Snap A Photo, Win A Free Bag!

Tonx has just introduced his fourth uber-boutique, one at a time coffee to the world, and while we can’t wait to try it, there’s an issue that’s been bugging us around the Sprudge Offices Bay Area Division. While Tonx’s metallic bags are stunning, visually stunning, a real sight to behold, they don’t seem to photograph all that well:

So we’re issuing a challenge to all the Canon 5D MKII macro-lens toting flickographers out there: Can you take a picture of this bag that does justice to its silvery supple beauty? The winner will receive a free bag of Tonx 5, set to be roasted some time next week.

Sorry, only US entries will be eligible for the free bag, carbon emissions and shipping and presumptive cultural suzerainty and all that junk. Leave a comment below with a link to your picture, and vote for your favorites using our high-tech “thumbs up/thumbs down” system! Good Luck!

[Special note: we realize not everyone has a genuine Tonx 1/2/3/4 bag, and so, creative photoshops/recreations will be considered.]


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