7 Specialty Coffee Things That Will Happen This Thanksgiving


1. John Werthington of Albany, NY will prepare a 5 flight Chemex pairing for Thanksgiving dinner. While confusing to Gram-Grams, Mr. Worthington's presentation will intrigue his sullen teenaged cousin, Henrietta. 2. Aunt Betty will nod off ever so slightly in the middle of Sarah Jones of Portland, OR's dissertation on the exciting new processing … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Love From Your Friends At Sprudge.com


As we break for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we want to take a moment to say how tremendously thankful to all of our readers, our sponsors, spouses, friends, and family that give us the support to keep Sprudge chugging along. We're also grateful for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Peppermint Mochas, Mulled Cider, and Egg Nog Macchiatos. We hope your … [Read more...]

Great Coffee Moments In Football History


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As many of you may know, coffee and Thanksgiving were inextricably linked from the very beginning. Since the time of Squanto, when the Pequot and Wampanoag tribes made pour overs for the Pilgrim settlers, delicious cups of coffee have been part of the Thanksgiving experience throughout American history. What you … [Read more...]