BREAKING: Co-CEO Rob Buono Is Stepping Down At Intelligentsia

Rob Buono pictured here in 2012.

Tricoastal roasters and retailers (Lake Michigan counts, alright?) Intelligentsia Coffee announced this morning that much-storied Co-CEO Rob Buono will be stepping down from his position, at the end of a three-year tenure that saw tremendous growth for the independent company. In his footsteps will follow James McLaughlin, who's served variously … [Read more...]

8 Predictions For Specialty Coffee In 2013


Now it's time for our annual predictions for the new year! Last year we predicted that Tim Wendelboe would discover a new variety of coffee and name it "Tim Wendelboe"; that James Freeman would be the first man to play jazz clarinet in space; that Intelligentsia founder Doug Zell would give up coffee for a career in professional skateboarding; and … [Read more...]

The New Zealand Specialty Coffee Symposium Looks Awesome


Though it doesn't kick off til the middle of next month, we're super-intrigued by the lineup of panelists at this year's New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association Symposium event. Presented in concert by the NZSCA and Huhtamaki, this year's symposium features must-see programming around a single, perhaps controversial theme: "There's No Such Thing … [Read more...]

Special Comment from Andrew Brewtbart: Ego Trip, Thy Name is Zell


Andrew Brewtbart, famously reclusive leading figure in the conservative coffee movement, has aimed his poisoned pen at Intelligentisia's CEO Douglas Zell. The controversy stems over a recent Zell Speaks blog post in which he claimed credit for a number of specialty coffee innovations. While we here at acknowledge that Andrew … [Read more...]