Nutcracker Guy Fawkes Starbucks Cup “Coincid...

Nutcracker Guy Fawkes Starbucks Cup “Coincidence”

From HuffPo:

Here’s what a Starbucks representative told The Huffington Post:

“Starbucks doesn’t support the Occupy movement in any way. It’s strictly a coincidence.”

The rep however couldn’t confirm what the image was for sure, saying only (twice, with increasing shakiness), “I believe it’s just a nutcracker.”

It probably is just a coincidence – the nutcracker also kind of looks like Anton LaVey, natch – but that’s a bunch of malarkey about Starbucks not supporting the Occupy movement: the McPherson Square Starbucks in Washington DC has provided a supple poop refuge for Occupy DC, leading the Washington Post to declare “The Starbucks at 15th and K has been thoroughly Occupied.”

Meanwhile, protesting students in Istanbul have an Occupy Starbucks movement all their own.


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