Korean Mystery Packaging: Panama Esmeralda In A Wi...

Korean Mystery Packaging: Panama Esmeralda In A Wine Bottle?

Esmeralda In A Wine Bottle

201 Esmeralda Special, ES1-01

This picture was recently posted on Hacienda La Esmeralda’s Facebook Wall. It’s beautiful and mysterious. The man responsible for posting the image, Steven Sung-Yong Kil, hasn’t responded to our requests for more information and doesn’t want to be our friend on Facebook. Steven works for Specialty Coffee, Inc.

SCI were winners of the ES1-01 lot of Esmeralda in the recent Stoneworks Auction. It is speculated that SCI is where these bottled Esmeraldas can be found.

We want our hands on one!

Coffee in a wine bottle? Genius!

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