Welcome to Sprudge.com, your daily source of coffee news, rumor, innuendo and intrigue. Started in 2009 by longtime friends Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman, Sprudge began as clearinghouse of international coffee culture, and is today the most popular coffee publication on the planet. You may have found us through links and mentions by WiredThe New YorkerGawkerTestedBuzzFeedThe Village VoiceNY MagazineHuffington Post, SFist, Eater, or The New York Times.

Sprudge covers coffee news and culture where it happens, as it happens – the 24 Hour Brews Cycle - and we publish daily content from the very best coffee writers in the world. You can follow us on Twitter @Sprudge and at Facebook.com/FrothyGossip for updates on new features and general merriment.

Your Sprudge Editors 

Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman are the co-founders and editors of Sprudge.com. Since 2009, they have published features together under the pseudonym Llewellyn Sinclair. Mr. Carlsen has worked in specialty coffee for a decade, including at murky coffee, Ninth Street Espresso, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and Four Barrel Coffee Roasters. Mr. Michelman is a graduate of the University of Washington CHID program, and has written elsewhere for T Magazine, Eater, and Seattle Met Magazine.

Sprudge.com™ is proudly based in Portland, Oregon, and is a privately owned LLC.

Assistant Editor

Alex Bernson

Sprudge City Desks

New York City - Liz Clayton
Los Angeles - Julie Wolfson
Melbourne – Eileen P. Kenny
Bay Area - Leif Haven
London – Elyse Bouvier 

Sprudge Contributors

Eric J. Grimm
Kristen Crouse-Orser
Hanna Neuschwander
Lachlan Ryan
Joanna Han
Ben Blake

Featured Players

Carl Mundy
Andrew Brewtbart
Randal H. Bodom

What does the word “Sprudge” mean?

Sprudge is both neologism and parody.

“Sprudge” is a made-up word for the coffee crumbs, blotches and splats present on a barista’s clothing and shoes after a long shift on bar. We’ll use it in a sentence: “Listen, you finish dividing up the tips, I gotta go get this sprudge off my shoes.”

“Sprudge” is also a portmanteau of the words “Espresso” and “Drudge”. In our early, funny days, Sprudge.com was a painfully exact visual parody of The Drudge Report circa 2009, right down to the omnipresent Hugo Chavez.

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