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Since 2009, Sprudge has been publishing original features highlighting coffee culture, news, and events. With a network of over seventy writers around the world, we cover the latest and greatest in coffee—from new cafes opening in cities worldwide to unique and specialized programs and events.

We interview the world’s leading restauranteurs, chefs, baristas, bartenders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, ceramicists, and cafe creators. We highlight the best in architectural and product design, while publishing original and breaking content daily from an international team of talented professional photographers, writers, and illustrators.

We’ve been featured in publications worldwide: The New York TimesGawkerWiredBuzzFeedThe New Yorker, NY MagazineTested, Eater, and many more.

Sprudge.com® is proudly based in Portland, Oregon. For all press queries, speaking engagements, and appearances please contact Diana Bianchini at Di Moda Public Relations.

Executive Editors 

Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman are the co-founders and executive editors of Sprudge.com. From 2009 until April 30, 2014, they published features together under the pseudonym Llewellyn Sinclair.

Associate Editor

Liz Clayton is a writer, photographer, and associate editor at Sprudge, where she also serves as New York City staff writer.

Staff Writers

Australia — Eileen P. Kenny

New York City — Liz Clayton

San Francisco — Noah Sanders

Paris — Anna Brones

Tokyo — Hengtee Lim

Texas — Zac Cadwalader

London — Kate Beard

Seattle — Sara Billups

Amsterdam — Karina Hof

Accounts Manager

Robyn Brems oversees Sprudge.com’s robust independent ad landscape. Feel free to contact her with ad queries.

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What does the word “Sprudge” mean?

Sprudge is both neologism and parody.

“Sprudge” is a made-up word for the coffee crumbs, blotches, and splats present on a barista’s clothing and shoes after a long shift on bar. We’ll use it in a sentence: “Listen, you finish dividing up the tips, I gotta go get this sprudge off my shoes.”

“Sprudge” is also a portmanteau of the words “Espresso” and “Drudge”. In our first three months of publishing, Sprudge.com was a faithful visual parody of The Drudge Report circa 2009, right down to the Hugo Chavez puns.

Thank you for reading Sprudge.com, the world’s most popular coffee publication.