Disloyalty cards, a concept conceived by World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies in 2009, have popped up in cities like Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Amsterdam. Washington, DC joins the mix this week thanks to the efforts of coffee pros Dawn Shanks and Christy Pelton. While a traditional loyalty card honors repeat customers, disloyalty cards reward patrons for visiting multiple small businesses.

Fill er up and get a free coffee beverage of your choice at any participating cafe.

The cafes involved with the Washington, DC Disloyalty Program:

1. Blind Dog Cafe (944 Florida Ave NW)

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2. The Coffee Bar (1201 S St NW)

3. Peregrine Espresso (Multiple Locations)

4. Chinatown Coffee (475 H St NW)

5. La Mano (304 Carroll St NW)

6. Filter Coffeehouse (Multiple Locations)

Here’s a map:

There are only 500 cards available, which can be picked up at any participating cafe. For more information, visit the Disloyalty Card’s official website.


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