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NPR x Coffee: NPR’s been doing more and more coverage on coffee lately, including this week’s feature by Allison Aubrey on four African women who are changing the face of coffee, including Mubula Musau of Kenya, certified Q-grader; Angele Ciza of Burundi, owner of a 24.7 acre coffee plantation and employer of 100 women. A highly recommended read (or listen). Here are some past NPR coffee features: cat poop coffee (ugh), a “hot debate on cold-brewed coffee” (double ugh), and coffee as the new wine.

The Coffee Collective Releases New Book, God Kaffe: It’s been a few weeks now, but Copenhagen-based The Coffee Collective has released a new book. Titled simply “God Kaffe,” or “Good Coffee,” the book covers the basics of specialty coffee, from cultivation to latte art pouring and everything in between. For now it only comes in Danish, but for non-Danish speakers it could come in handy as an aesthetically-pleasing book to show off on your kitchen’s coffee shelf, right between your Aeropress and copy of Coffee With Tim Wendelboe. Try reading Google Translate’s hilarious translation of the synopsis in a Scandinavian accent for your own amusement.

Oh, Starbucks: Starbucks has a few unnecessarily extravagant but admittedly nice-to-look-at stores in Dubai, Xi’an, and Fukuoka, and plans to test out the first-ever Starbucks on rails are in the works in Switzerland. Two double-decker Starbucks cars will be speeding along between St. Gallen and Geneva beginning 2013, and if successful, more will be added to lines traveling through the Swiss countryside. But wait, that’s not all! Starbucks has shelled out an absurd $35 million on an all-new expo they call the “Leadership Lab” in Houston, Texas. 9,600 Starbucks store managers were gathered together for part leadership training, part corporate trade show. Starbucks, man.

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