Relief efforts are taking place nationwide to help local service industry communities make ends meet as the COVID-19 pandemic has all but decimated their livelihoods. These efforts, generally proffered by non-profit groups, have thus far been aimed at the entirety of service industry—bartenders, restaurant workers, and baristas—but a new spate of micro-efforts allow philanthropic individuals to donate directly to their favorite shop or even a specific barista. Venmo-driven, “virtual tip jars” let you provide direct support to those of your choosing from the safety and comfort of your own home.

To supplement our list of local service industry relief efforts, we’ve compiled an index of virtual tip jars from around the country. If you see a name you recognize, maybe consider tossing a few e-coins their way.

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Does your cafe have a virtual tip jar that should be included here? Give us a shout!

Virtual tip jars by cafe:

Alabaster Coffee, Williamsport, Pa: Donate here
Albina Press
, Portland: GoFundMe page
Alchemy Coffee
, Richmond, Va: Donate here
Andytown Coffee
, San Francisco: Donate here
Anthem Coffee
, Tacoma: GoFundMe page
Bandit Coffee
, St. Petersburg, Fl: Donate here
Bar Nine
, Los Angeles: GoFundMe page
Bee Coffee
, Indianapolis: Donate here
Bird & Branch
, New York City: GoFundMe page
Bloc Coffee Company
, Cincinnati: @BCCBaristasEPH
Bradbury’s Coffee
, Madison, Wi: @BradburysCoffee
Branch Street Coffee Roasters, Youngstown, Oh: @BranchStreet_Baristas
Brick & Mortar
, Richmond, Va: @BrickandMortarRichmond
Buunni Cafe
, New York City: @Buunni-Coffee
Camber Coffee, Bellingham, Wa: Donate here
Canary Coffee Bar, Milwaukee, @Emily-Whitcomb-3
Cafe Grumpy
, New York and New Jersey: GoFundMe page
Caffe Medici, Austin: @Medici-Baristas
Cerberus Coffee
, Jacksonville, Or: Donate here
Chromatic Coffee, San Jose: Donate here
Cloud City Coffee, Seattle: @Cloud-City-Virtual-Tips
Collective Espresso
, Cincinnati: @Collective-Espresso-Baristas
Comet Coffee, Ann Arbor: @CometCoffee
Compass Coffee, Vancouver, Wa: @Compass-Coffee
Cosmic Coffee, Austin: GoFundMe page
Cultivar Coffee
, Dallas: GoFundMe page
Cup & Bar
, Portland: @CBVirtualTipJar
Dark Heart Coffee Bar
, Loveland, Co: @DarkheartCoffeeBar
Devoción, New York City: GoFundMe page
Doppio Coffee
, Denver: Donate here
Dune Coffee, Santa Barbara, Ca: Donate here
Dweebs, New York City: @DweebsBrookyln
Elixr Coffee
, Philadelphia: @Elixr_Relief
Epoch, Austin: GoFundMe page
Equator Coffees
, Bay Area: GoFundMe page
Everyman Espresso
, New York City: @EverymanEspresso
Farewell, Asheville, NC: @Farewell-TipJar
Fiction Coffee, Dallas: GoFundMe page
Flat Track Coffee
, Austin: Donate here
Fleet Coffee
, Austin: @FleetCoffeeATX
Flitch Coffee
, Austin: @FlitchCoffee
Fulcrum Cafe
, Seattle: Donate here
Ghostlight Coffee, Dayton, Oh: @GhostlightCoffeeStaff
Gimme! Coffee, Ithaca, NY: GoFundMe page
Gimme! Coffee, New York City (Brooklyn location): @GimmeLorimer
Gimme! Coffee, New York City (Manhattan location): @GimmeMottTips
Golden Boy Coffee, Denton, Tx: GoFundMe page
Gracenote Coffee
, Boston: @GracenoteStaffRelief
Green Line Cafe
, Philadelphia: @GreenLine_Relief
Groundswell Coffee
, Chicago: GoFundMe page
Guilder, Portland: Donate here
Heart Roasters
, Portland: Donate here
High Five Coffee
, Asheville, NC: @HighFiveCoffee
Highlight Coffee
, Glendale/Pasadena, Ca: @HighlightCoffeeBaristas
Hood Famous Cafe + Bar, Seattle: Donate here
Huckleberry Roasters, Denver: Donate here
Intelligentsia, Los Angeles (all LA locations): GoFundMe page
Ipsento Coffee
, Chicago: GoFundMe page
Java Love, Montclair, NJ: GoFundMe page
Joe Coffee Company
, New York City: GoFundMe page
Junto Coffee, Taylors
, SC: @Junto-Coffee-Baristas
Kru Coffee, Sarasota Springs, @KruBaristaFund
La Colombe, Chicago (Andersonville location): GoFundMe page
La Colombe, Chicago (Wicker Park location): @LC-WickerPark-VirtualTipJar
La Colombe
, Philadelphia (6th & Market location): @indylcbaristas
La Colombe, Philadelphia (Dilworth Plaza location): @DilworthLaColombeBaristas
La Colombe, Philadelphia (Fishtown location): @Fishtown_LaColombe
La Colombe, Philadelphia (Rittenhouse Square location): @LaColombeRittenhouse
La Marzocco Cafe, Seattle: @La_Marzocco_Cafe_Workers_Fund
Leslie Coffee Co, Wichita, Ks: @LeslieCoffeeTipJar
Linea Caffe
, San Francisco: Donate here
Little Collins
, New York City: @LC-Crew
Little Waves, Durham, NC: @CocoaCinnamon
Machinehead Coffee
, Austin:@MachineheadCoffee_TipJar
Marigold Coffee, Portland:
Merriweather Coffee, New York City: GoFundMe page
Metric Coffee
, Chicago: GoFundMe page
Metropolis Coffee
, Chicago: GoFundMe page
Milkbar, New York City: @Milkbar_Brunswick_Tips
Mojo Coffee House, New Orleans: @MojoCoffeeHouse
Northside Social, Arlington/Falls Church, Va: GoFundMe page
Olympia Coffee, Olympia, Wa: Buy their coffee
Once Over Coffee Bar
, Austin: @OnceOverCoffeeBar
Ox Coffee
, Philadelphia: @Ox-Coffee
Ozo Coffee
, Boulder, Co: @OzoTipJar
Palace Coffee, Canyon/Amarillo, Tx: @Palace-Coffee
Passion House Coffee Roasters, Chicago: GoFundMe page
Patent Coffee
, New York City: @DrinkPatent
, Austin: Donate here
Peregrine Espresso
, Washington, DC: @PeregrineTips
Pinhole Coffee
, San Francisco: Donate here
Power cUP Coffee, Cupertino, Ca: GoFundMe page
Proving Grounds Coffee, Royal Oak, Mi: @PGCTips
PT’s Coffee, Kansas City, Mo/Topeka, Ks: @PTsCafeTipJar
Purple Llama, Chicago: @PurpleLlamaStaff
QED Coffee, Seattle: @QED-Barista-Fund
Radio Coffee & Beer
, Austin:  GoFundMe page
Refuge Coffee Co
, Clarkston, Ga: Donate here
Rêve Coffee Roasters
, Lafayette, La: @TheLovingCupCoffee
Revival Cafe
, Cambridge: GoFundMe page
Rival Bros Coffee
, Philadelphia: @RivalBrosBaristaFund
Rohs Street Cafe
, Cincinnati: @Rohsforever
Round Table Coffee Works, St. Paul: Donate here
Seabird Coffee, Cohasset, Ma: @Christen-Poole
Seven Pond Coffee Bar
, Boston: @Seven_Pond_Staff
Seventh Coffee & Tea, Irvine/Seal Beach, Ca: @SeventhBaristas
Shift Coffee Bar, Fort Meyers, Fl: Donate here
Sightglass, San Francisco: GoFundMe page
Simon’s Coffee Shop, Cambridge, Ma: @PaoPaoM
Spitfire Coffee
, New Orleans: GoFundMe page
Southside Coffee, New York City: @Southside-Coffee-Baristas
Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters, Brewster, Ma: GoFundMe page
, Austin: @Spokesman
SPRO Coffee Lab, San Francisco: GoFundMe page
Square One Coffee, Lancaster/Philadelphia: @SQ1-Relief-Fund
Stacks Espresso Bar, New York, Massachusetts: @StacksBaristaFund
Stereoscope Coffee
, Los Angeles: @StereoscopeCoffee
Street 14 Cafe, Astoria, Or: GoFundMe page
Stumptown Coffee,
all Chicago locations: @StumptownChi-TipJar
Stumptown Coffee, all Los Angeles locations: GoFundMe page
Stumptown Coffee
, all Portland locations: @Stumptown_Cafes_PDX
Stumptown Coffee, all New Orleans locations: @NOLATipJar
Stumptown Coffee, all New York City locations: @MooseMonies
Stumptown Coffee, all Seattle locations: @Sarah-Johnson-62
Taylor St, New York City: GoFundeMe page
Third Rail Coffee, New York City: GoFundMe page
Tiny House Coffee Roasters, Austin: @TinyHouseCoffeeRoasters
Trade & Lore
, Asheville, NC: @TradeandLore-Baristas
Trianon Coffee
, Austin: Donate here
Ugly Dug Coffee
, Rochester, NY: @UglyDuckTipjar
Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia: Donate here
Varietal Coffee Bar
, Sarasota, Fl: @Varietal_Coffee_Bar
Vigilante Coffee, Hyattsville/College Park, Md: Donate here
Wander Coffee Bar, Marysville, Wa: Cash App page
West Oak Coffee Bar, Denton, Tx: GoFundMe page

Citywide lists of service industry workers that you can donate to directly:

BaristaKC, Kansas City: Donate or sign up here.
Charleston, SC
Coffee Professionals: Donate or sign up here.
 Service Industry Workers: Donate or sign up here.
Portland Service Industry Workers: Donate or sign up here.
San Francisco Service Industry Workers: Donate or sign up here.
Santa Ynez Valley
, Ca Service Industry Workers: Donate or sign up here.
St. Louis Service Industry Workers: List can be found here.
Washington, DC Service Industry Workers: List can be found here.

We’ll be updating this story with more virtual tip jars as they are brought to our attention.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.