USBC superstar, SCAA and BGA Director of Community Development, Sprudgie Award Winner, Kangoo Master, and all around fantastic man Marcus Boni has announced that May 18 will be his final day on the job with the SCAA. In a letter addressed to Barista Guild members, Marcus writes:

It is with a very heavy heart I announce that I will be moving on from the SCAA to pursue new opportunities. These past nearly 4 years working with the BGA have been nothing short of remarkable and I can’t express enough how much I truly respect and appreciate each and every one of you. The achievements we have made as a group are extraordinary and I thank you for all the hard work and love you’ve surrounded me with.

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DON’T YOU FRET, the new opportunities that I will be embarking on will keep me in coffee :) It is my absolute desire to continue volunteering and contributing to the success of the association and I am positive I will be engaging with the SCAA team once again in the very near future. 

I will certainly remain on staff through Portland Expo and several weeks after the show as we transition my responsibilities. My last day is currently scheduled as May 18th which should give us a fair amount of time for planning and training. Details of my new opportunities will be available soon :-)

Here’s to a wonderful show in Portland and, as always, the future of coffee as we shape it!

 My Very Best,



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