We just published our Seattle Sprudge City Guide.

No city in America, and perhaps the world, is more closely associated with milk-and-coffee concoctions than Seattle. And for good reason. There’s coffee everywhere in Seattle, in every block of downtown, on every corner, in the hands of countless pedestrians, and in the tiny drive-through kiosks that dot the Puget Sound suburbs. Coffee in Seattle is built into the urban landscape in a way that at this point feels intrinsic, like the act of some all-knowing, all-brewing city planner. It occupies a weighty place in the Seattle cultural mindset, for which you can thank the aforementioned Frasier, or the coffee shop hangouts depicted in Singles, not to mention the sheer economic reality of having multiple enormous multi-national coffee purveyors, including that 10 ton green mermaid gorilla, headquartered within Seattle city limits.

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There’s some really cutting edge, fascinating stuff going on in Seattle, especially when it comes to the machine builders, green buyers and roasters who’ve made this city their home. But the reality as we see it is, most of what’s here exists in a remarkable sort of time warp. The vast majority of coffee in Seattle feels like a nicotine-and-grunge fueled mosquito trapped in amber, where you, too, can journey to a prehistoric jungle and marvel at creatures from a bygone era.

We want to know: what’s your favorite cafe in Seattle? Who did we leave out? Where should we go next?

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