Last summer we featured an extensive interview with Colin Harmon – perennial Irish Barista Champion and World Barista Championship finalist – on the exciting new roasting program being developed at his 3Fe cafe in Dublin. Back then we shared photos of a vacant soon-to-be-roastworks; today we’ve got a happy update, as Mr. Harmon has shared a heap of photos of his all-new roasting facility, showing off his vintage 22 kilo Probat drum roaster.

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3FE are now accepting orders for a coffee subscription program, to begin in January of 2014. Only 100 subscriptions will be sold to start, with subscribers limited to Ireland – for now, we hope.


3FE has also partnered with the folks at Makers & Brothers for a bit of roastworthy exclusivity. This ongoing project currently features 3FE’s roast of Colombia La Esperanza, from producer Isaias Cantillo Osa. We’ve had this frankly delicious coffee previously from leading North American roasters Stumptown Coffee, Phil & Sebastian, and George Howell Coffee, to name a few.

All good things from Dublin, no doubt, as 3FE are definitely on our early hotlist for exciting new roasters to watch in 2014. Learn more here at 3FE’s website, and check out our interview with Colin Harmon from last summer here. 

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