The most exciting coffee city in the Pacific Northwest is not Portland, or Seattle, or even Vancouver BC – right now it’s Olympia, Washington! If you thought Oly was all about vapor cafes and gutter punks begging for vegan hot dogs, guess again – the city’s coffee scene is kind of blowing up right now. We gushed about last month’s opening of Bar Francis, from longtime Espresso Parts collaborator Michael Elvin, and now comes news that our friends and partners at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company will be expanding this spring to a third location. OCR has been roasting and serving coffee downtown since 2007, and serving the West Side (near Evergreen State College) since 2010. With their third location they’ll be servicing an area were multiple neighborhoods converge, located near the Washington State Capitol building. More from OCR:

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Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. will be opening its third café at 2824 Capitol Blvd. in Olympia’s historic Wildwood Building in early 2013.  Built in 1938, the Wildwood Building is located at the connection of four Olympia neighborhoods: South Capitol, Wildwood, Governor Stevens, and Carlyon in Olympia, Washington.

The new location will have a wrap-around coffee bar to enhance customer/barista interactions. The baristas will be working with La Marzocco and Marco gear. Expect single origin espressos as well as OCR’s signature “Big Truck” blend, plus Kalita pour over service and more!



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