Cafe Du Monde, a veritable Versailles of dark roasted coffee with chicory, beignet pastries with an overload of powdered sugar, and a living piece of New Orleans history. Cafe Du Monde opened its Decatur Street location in 1862; it may well be the oldest coffee house in America. It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year (closed only on Christmas), serving coffee brewed in enormous urns traditionally served in the au lait style, mixed with hot milk from identical enormous urns.

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Did we dunk? Ooh, you bet we did. We dunked those little beignets until the coffee glowed with dissolved beignet grease, the powdered sugar recombining as a slurry sludge in the bottom of our mugs. We dunked, we chewed, we spooned the goop. It was delicious. We were unsure if the beignets we had just eaten were really as good as we thought they were so we ordered seconds. Is it a world-class specialty coffee experience? God, no. Is it delightful, terrible for you, and quintessentially New Orleans? Yes, yes and yes.

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