London: Ace Hotel Shoreditch Cafe Opening Soon, Lo...

London: Ace Hotel Shoreditch Cafe Opening Soon, Looking For A Manager

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The boutique darlings at Ace Hotel have teamed up in the past with Stumptown Coffee Roasters for locations in Portland and New York City. Now Ace has joined forces with Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London for a new cafe project in their as-yet unopened Shoreditch digs. But get this: The Ace Cafe needs a manager – and it could be you!


We are totes not messing with you! Here’s all the juicy details:

Square Mile Coffee Roasters are collaborating with The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, to open a cafe there this Autumn.

We’re looking for someone to manage the cafe, and to lead the team there.  We’re looking for someone to start around the 9th of August, with the cafe opening a month later.

Obviously we’re looking for someone with knowledge and interest in coffee.  However, we intend to have a very heavy focus on service and are looking for someone passionate about great service.  We don’t mean this as a throwaway line, we really mean great service.  Unusually, wonderfully, freakishly good service.


That’s right, girl. You could be working in the fiercest neighborhood in the hottest hotel in all of London, and since it’s collaborating with Square Mile, you KNOW that coffee gonna be Deloshes™!


Make your dreams come true. Send your resume to the folks at Square Mile.




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