Last weekend’s trip to Atlanta (where we exhaustively covered the SERBC) means we’ve spent the last few days away from our spacious PDX office bunker / slam dunk bouncy house. Cross-continental travel inevitably means some essential stories from the last few days have slipped through the cracks. So in case you missed it, there’s a lovely feature on the Portland coffee scene up on NYT Travel, written by 2012 Sprudgie Award-winner Oliver Strand:

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here in the spiritual home of the D.I.Y. generation, you can walk into a number of tiny, high-quality operations where the owner is probably the roaster, and could even be the person preparing your drink โ€” in this town, smaller is better. Seattle coffee might have more muscle, and San Francisco coffee might have more mystique, but Portlandโ€™s coffee scene is arguably the countryโ€™s most intimate.

Itโ€™s also one of the most relaxed.

Featured cafes and roasters include Coava, Heart, Sterling, Stumptown, and the Red E Cafe, whose owner, Keith Miller, is described as having a “guru-like benevolence”. You can read the full feature here via NYT Travel.

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