Coffee drinkers in the Buckeye State, get thee verily to Columbus tomorrow, July 20th, for a chance to enjoy some of the finest summer coffee time and patience can buy. The folks at One Line Coffee are launching their inaugural bottling of some delicious Japanese-style slow drip coffee, made using the dramatic, iconic Yama drip tower.

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The coffee is One Line’s Ecuador Vilcabamba, grown by producer Lucas Vera in the Loja region of Ecuador. It’s a typica and caturra lot, fully washed and sun dried. It’s brewed for 12+ hours in the Yama, then passed along into these handsome bottles.


One Line’s first release of these bottles happens tomorrow, July 20th beginning at 9am, at One Line’s coffee bar in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus (745 N High St). They’ll be offering limited batches to start, but leading up towards a full public release later in the hot Ohio summer. From the back of the bottles:

“You are drinking the culmination of the efforts of hundreds of people: coffee grown with passion, processed with care, roasted with skill, and brewed with love.”

For more on One Line’s Ecuador sourcing (and some really fun photography), visit the One Line blog, and be sure to check out their green buyer Dave Forman featured on a recent episode of Alex Littlejohn’s “Coffee Uncut” podcast.

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