It’s that time again—the latest episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast is now available for download via iTunes and streaming on Libsyn. Produced & arranged by Sprudge co-founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen (pictured above), the Coffee Sprudgecast is a weekly look inside the weird caffeinated world of Sprudge, featuring our favorite stories, chumly goofs, and hype for upcoming events.

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This week’s show ranges far and wide, and we’re bringing you along for the ride. Listen in as we compliment the recent features of our Bay Area staff writer Noah Sanders, cast shady aspersions on artisanal pop-tarts, give a call-back to one of our favorite stories of 2015 (this crazy event in Calgary with Phil & Sebastian), chat about our recent interview with US Barista Champion Lemuel Butler of Counter Culture Coffee (and discuss our plans to go HAM for his impending WBC routine), grok the new CCC HQ in Durham, and reflect on just missing each other at a mutual friend’s birthday in Portland. All this, plus a very special Gothic Archies tribute intro song (“You’ll fall in love but it’s a bitter trade”), Jordan’s best impression of a chicken, and the harrowing true story of Zachary’s cat peeing on his coffee trees.

All that and still more, in this week’s episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast. Download now. 

The Coffee Sprudgecast is sponsored by KitchenAid Craft Coffee Brewers. Want to appear on the Coffee Sprudgecast? Call our toll-free Sprudgecast Dial-A-Sprudge Hotline at 1-888-55-SPRUDGE.