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The folks at Coffee Supreme in Melbourne are on the lookout for their stolen three group custom Slayer and matching Robur grinder, which was nabbed from a brand new cafe called Adney Milk Bar in the Melbourne suburb of Kew. Anyone with information should get in contact with Coffee Supreme ASAP!

Here’s the full listing via Reddit:

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Last night a new cafe of ours had their machine and grinder stolen. A three group Slayer, custom painted pearl white with timers, hot water and some other custom mods. A custom painted pearl white Robur grinder with custom timer and start switch, was also stolen. Both of these machines are basically unique.

The serial numbers are; Slayer #0187 Robur dosing grinder #1140424

Please, if anyone hears of these machines coming up on the “market” get in touch with us or the police, as they have been reported stolen. The equipment was stolen from Adney Milk Bar in Kew, two days before they are due to open.

“Slayer says it would’ve taken at least 4 guys to lift it with the tanks full. Definitely a pre-planned, albeit idiotic, operation.”

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