Miley Cyrus has been in the headlines for her recent European Music Awards on-stage toke-up. The entertainer has also been spotted at the Amsterdam coffee shop “Green House” with various DJs and celebrities – reportedly spending up to four hours at a time there. We know that this may sound like living the Amsterdam dream to many young people, but Amsterdam’s coffee culture is about so much more than taking blunt after blunt to the dome in some smokey glorified juice bar.

Miley, you do you – smoke that reefer with your friends if you want. But between rent-by-the-hour bong tokes and space cake tasting menus, you should take some time out to explore the quality espressos and drip coffee options in AMS. There’s great coffee to be found if you look beyond the coffee shops.

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Amsterdam has become a serious hot-bed of excellent coffee in the last few years with an explosion of new cafes (including this new beauty from Coffee Company). If Miley wants to find them, all she needs to do is grab of one of these Amsterdam Disloyalty Cards (pictured above) for a quick guide to some of Amsterdam’s hottest coffee bars.

The explosion of specialty coffee in Amsterdam has been well-documented, with published guides by the likes of DCILY, SMTHNG, The Coffeevine, and Phil Bass. We’ve waded through the all the coverage to see just what Miley is in store for her on her floaty, mildly dissociative Disloyalty journey. Also Miley, if you’re reading this, you should totes stop for some frites oorlog along the way (fries with Indonesian sate sauce, an Amsterdam street food staple); they’re super good and you look great, so treat yourself.

Coffee Bru
Beukenplein 14

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Bru Coffee in East Amsterdam is friendly and delicious, not hip, with reeds, yellows and many plants instead of the black lacquered wood and retro Scandinavian loggers that you now are happening to see everywhere in the city… (Read More at SMTHNG)

Pazzanistraat 39

Espresso Fabriek can be found behind the main buildings inside a smaller one that once housed gas meters for the nearby factory. It is now an airy two floor loft, with a coffee bar on the ground level and a Giesen roaster with extra seating up above. There’s a 3-group Kees van der Westen lever machine as well as slow bar with V60s and AeroPress filter coffee available. Be sure to try a slice of the Apple cake. (Read More at DCILY)

Tweede Helmersstraat 96

(Phil W Bass)
Although they plan a move soon, Headfirst are currently located inside a rather stunning design/lifestyle store Harvest & Co. This does make for quite a setting for coffee and we did enjoy our stay, chatting with the baristas and reading the latest magazines…(Read More at Phil Bass)

Additional info and pretty pictures available at SMTHNG.

KOKO Coffee & Design

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 145

Karlijn and Caroline have created a gem in the middle of the Red Light District. A place where you can spend from early morning to late sitting on furniture, working on a second life, with your feet on the black lacquered floor, with a perfect coffee in your hand. … (Read More at SMTHNG)

Screaming Beans

Hartenstraat 12

Screaming Beans is another company that has been a staple of the Amsterdam community who serves coffee roasted by Bocca. In the last year they’ve refreshed their original location with a recent remodel and opened a second location that doubles as a well stocked wine bar and restaurant—complete with tasting menu. The wine bar takes the format of a typical coffee shop and throws it out the window. It offers an experience of fine dining and elegance that won’t have customers questioning the cost of a Chemex. (Read More at DCILY)

Sweet Cup Cafe

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 101L

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Once you have found the way to Sweet Cup, you will want no other address for more coffee. Sweet Cup is relatively small, with about 8 places. Except for coffee, you can go there for WiFi, a piece of cake or croissant, a good conversation or a therapeutic session with house-dog Sjef. The owners are super friendly, enthusiastic and passionate and serve you from 7:00AM in the early morning until 6:30PM. (Read More at Your Ambassadrice)


Jan Pieter Heijestraat 119-A

(The Coffee Vine)
(The Coffeevine)
What sets Trakteren apart from other coffee places in town is the personal experience that each customer is given. Whether you’re a coffee novice, amateur or expert, Erik and Edward will share their passion for great coffee with you, no matter what. Therefore, if you really want to learn something while sipping your perfectly made Cappuccino, ask Erik and Edward some questions about coffee. Before you know it, you’ll be taking notes. (Read More at The Coffeevine)

Top image via Daily Mirror.

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