Are These The 10 Busiest Coffee Shops In America R...

Are These The 10 Busiest Coffee Shops In America Right Now?


According to Foursquare, these are the top ten busiest cafes in America. Well, the top ten highest concentration of Foursquare users, anyway.


Cafe du Monde (Instagram)

1. Cafe du Monde, New Orleans
800 Decatur St at The French Market, New Orleans, LA


2. La Colombe Torrefaction, New York City
400 Lafayette St. at E 4th St., New York, NY

3. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, New York City
18 W 29th St at Broadway, New York, NY


(Sightglass Coffee)

4. Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco
270 7th St btwn Howard & Folsom St, San Francisco, CA

(Four Barrel)

(Four Barrel)

5. Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco
375 Valencia St btwn 14th St & 15th St, San Francisco, CA

(Blue Bottle)

(Blue Bottle)

6. Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco
66 Mint Plaza at Jessie St, San Francisco, CA

7. Starbucks, Seattle
1912 Pike Pl at Stewart St, Seattle, WA

8. Birch Coffee, New York City
5 E 27th St btwn Madison & 5th Ave, New York, NY

9. 85°C Bakery Cafe, Irvine, California
2700 Alton Pkwy, Ste 123 at Jamboree Rd., Irvine, CA

10. Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago
53 E Randolph St at N Garland Ct, Chicago, IL

You can argue with the “best,” but you can’t really dispute that these are the 10 busiest Foursquare check-in cafes. Is your favorite cafe left out? Sound off in the comments below!



  1. Lindsey

    17 January

    no one around here ever uses foursquare and half the time when I want to use it, sprint has no cellular data and there’s no wifi. Like in NYC! where sprint has phenominally poor coverage!
    I would say Foursquare is NOT an accurate count of ANYTHING. How about number of cups sold- dollars worth of business?

  2. Justaphil

    2 October

    “What kind of metrics should we use when calculating which coffeeshops are the busiest in the country? Pounds of espresso beans extracted? Gallons of milk steamed? Number of dockets completed?”

    “I got it! Foursquare check-ins!”

    “Damnit Llewellyn! That’s brilliant!”

  3. yeezus

    1 October

    don’t be so angry, bro.

  4. oyag nadem

    1 October

    perhaps the article should be titled: “The 10 Busiest Coffee Shops In America Three Years Ago,” because that’s the last time foursquare was even remotely relevant.

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