Big Central Regional Barista Competition Dates Confirmed


Breaking news today from the SCAA, who've confirmed dates and host sponsors for the 2nd annual Big Central Regional Barista Competition. PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. and Kaldi’s Coffee are hosting the event on January 18th – 20th, 2013 at The Guild KC (1621 Locust Street). This event draws baristas from Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, … [Read more...]

They Call Me Mr. Ribs: CoffeeBar SF Block Party BBQ


In part and parcel to his attending last weekend's smashingly successful Coffee Bar SF / ScoutMob block party, co-founder Zachary Carlsen availed himself from the bounty of smoked, rubbed, and BBQ'd meats available at the block party's rib cook-off spectacular. He snacked, he nibbled, and he took snapshots of each and every bone … [Read more...]

San Francisco: CoffeeBar SF & Scoutmob Latte Art Throwdown


In which our intrepid co-founder Zachary Carlsen attends the CoffeeBar SF Rib Rack-Up And Latte Art Hootenanny, with photos and notes jotted live. There's a pimp chalice filled with money atop the La Marzocco Strada MP, and this can only mean one thing: there's a latte art throwdown afoot. No fewer than 24 baristas wait backstage, drinking PBRs … [Read more...]